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Bartar Real Estate Holding is a unique complex with a wide variety of facilities in the field of buying and selling real estate in the country and is one of the largest providers of real estate services in the country. From buying and selling real estate in the country as well as abroad to providing legal and professional services, price and estimating the value of real estate are among the services that can be provided in the best real estate holding. We are one of the first in the country in the field of virtual consulting, which has easily provided our customers with the opportunity to communicate with our consultants via video or online. Top real estate holding with you to achieve your lofty goals.

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The largest bartar holding market in Urmia

Urmia bartar holding market is a very ideal and practical place for buying and selling real estate in the province and also in the country, a place where you can benefit from its services for free and buy and sell real estate.

International Department

International Department or the International Branch of the bartar Holding

Address: Urmia, Nabouvat Boulevard (Sheikh Tappeh), lower lane, White Tower. Providing all kinds of real estate services abroad and of course special sales in selected countries such as Turkey, England, Azerbaijan, UAE and Cyprus with the cooperation of major mass producers such as Damak, Isra, Ilktash and …

The most professional bartar holding consultants are active in the international branch and will help you in a safe and ideal investment in your beloved country.